Matriarchy Study Group

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Matriarchy Study Group

This is a placeholder for a brief account of the Matriarchy Study Group. If anyone wishes to contribute their memories of the MSG or research concerning it, please contact us here.

The Matriarchy Study Group published three pamphlets. As they are long out of print and are of considerable historical interest, PDF files of these are included here. We were unable to trace copyright holders. We will gladly remove any material that copyright holders may require, but hope that they will permit the material to remain for the benefit of others.

In early 1977, the Group published Goddess Shrew. This was the Goddess issue of Shrew, which was an occasional periodical, published by a different group each time. Issues included Marriage Shrew, Non-Violence Shrew, and others.

The Group's second publication was Menstrual Taboos (1978), and its third was Politics of Matriarchy (1979).


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